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Reference report Schrott-Nasz GmbH

Repair attempt of an mPulse Handheld LIBS Metal Analyzer

SIGMA was the only company that attempted to repair the device on request. One of the causes of the device failure was the uncontrolled switching off of the device by disconnecting the power supply unit due to a missing battery (defective) and the occasional destruction of data structures on the internal flash, which generally occurs for many devices. The control module comes from Toradex. An Nvidia Tegra T20 ARM SoC is installed.
Finally, the data structures could be saved and restored and the application could be restarted. The display, which was also defective, was replaced.


The final success is still awaited, as apparently other parts of the hardware and/or software do not work together as they were supposed to.
We are continuing our search and will report in an update if we are successful.

Technical facts

  • Embedded operation system: WinCE7
  • Processor: Toradex Nvidia Tegra T20

Share of SIGMA Chemnitz

  • Repair attempt of a   metal analyzer device    mPulse
This is what our client says...
"SIGMA was the only company that was prepared to take on our problem. Even though the device is not yet fully functional again - the computer unit including the display could be put back into operation, as well as the application. We are still working hard to find a complete solution."
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About the client

The company Schrott-Nasz GmbH has set itself the task of transferring recyclable materials
to industrial recycling. To this end, worthless residues and environmentally harmful substances
are separated and disposed of professionally. This makes a valuable contribution to
non-renewable raw materials and to the preservation of our environment.

Link:  www.schrott-nasz.de

Schrott-Nasz GmbH
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