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WLAN module replacement as part of a hardware redesign

WLAN module replacement as part of a hardware redesign

In a customer project of a large European company due  to the unavailability or discontinuation of of the WLAN  module installed there, a µBlocks NINA-WLAN module  W1 31 was installed as a replacement as part of a  hardware redesign. 
As requested, the SIGMA developers integrated a  WCE6 WLAN modem driver for this module into the  customer‘s BSP, allowing the customer to continue using  its existing extensive application software almost  unchanged. 

Technical facts

  • Embedded operation system:  WCE6
  • Processor:  ARM

About our embedded service

  • development of a WLAN modem    driver for µBlocks NINA W1 31
The result
The driver was implemented to the customer‘s satisfaction that the application can continue to be used without major intervention.
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About the client

SIGMA Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung u. Datenverarb. mbH is an IT service provider operating on the market since 1990, which can comprehensively cover all areas of the  operational software, hardware and automation landscape. All of the approximately 80 employees are highly qualified, motivated and can refer to appropriate references.
The company consists of several business units, including AutoID / RFID solutions;  embedded solutions; IT security and infrastructures; SAP SME solutions and the consulting, software and development division.

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