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PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH

Reference report PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH - New driver under Linux for camera module VM-016 developed

New driver under Linux for camera module VM-016 developed

For the phyBOARD-Polaris Imaging Kit from PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH with the NXP i.MX 8M, a driver for the camera module VM-016 (also PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH - area image processing) under Linux was developed.

Technical facts

  • Embedded operation system: Linux 
  • Processor:   i.MX 8M

Share of SIGMA Chemnitz

  • Development camera driver    VM-016
This is what our customer says...
„For years, we have appreciated the successful cooperation with the developers at SIGMA in the field of driver development for various camera sensors.“
About the client

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing embedded components for reliable electronics series products in Germany since 1985. Processor modules such as System on Modules and Single Board Computers, as well as OEM products based on them are the core business. Customized embedded systems including software, package design and assembly extend the product range.
With specialized know-how in embedded vision, IIoT solutions, cloud services, embedded security and artificial intelligence, PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH is ideally positioned to provide customers with professional support in the development of their product ideas. Products and services from Phytec shorten time-to-market and reduce both development costs and risks in the development and production of industrial embedded systems.
The family-owned company employs more than 400 employees in 5 subsidiaries worldwide ( in 2023).

Link: www.phytec.de

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
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