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3S Antriebe GmbH

Replacement of discontinued hardware with a Nina W13 module

Discontinued hardware replaced by a Nina W13 module

SIGMA Chemnitz implemented a customer-specific adaptation of the Windows CE 6 embedded operating system.

Technical facts

  • Embedded operating system:  Windows Ce 6
  • Processor: ARM i.MX28

Share of SIGMA Chemnitz

  • Embedded operating system:  Adaption of a NinaW13 module as RAS device
This is what the customer says
„For the adaptation of the embedded operating system Windows CE6 for our products, the embedded developers of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH have been our competent partners over many years.“
About the client

3S Antriebe GmbH develops and distributes electric drive systems, especially for valves in underground water, gas and district heating networks. The innovative mobile and stationary 3S actuator solutions developed together with the market make the operation of underground supply networks more economical, e.g. by saving water and energy and increase the resilience of the supply. Part of the solutions are „Internet of Things“ (IoT) applications for the control of the drives, which are unique in the world.

Links:   www.3s-antriebe.de

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