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IT security & infrastructures
District Zwickau and the city Glauchau

Reference Report: WIFI coverage at schools - Prerequisite for DigitalPakt Schule

About DigitalPakt Schule

Digitalization has long since arrived in all areas of life. To ensure students digital competencies, all types of schools that require it for their learning concept are to be equipped with  modern IT infrastructure and  high-performance WLAN networks by 2025. 
Since the federal and state governments are also pursuing this goal, investments of this kind are supported by the DigitalPakt Schule (Digital Pact for Schools).

Background information and challenges

As part of DigitalPakt Schule, the Zwickau administrative district planned to equip its special schools, also Glauchau planned to equip its high schools, secondary schools and elementary schools with WIFI.
In order to be able to optimally define the number and locations of the necessary access points, it was necessary to inspect all the buildings concerned in advance.

The challenge for the implementation is to carry out the project during non-instructional time in order to avoid disruptions to school activities.


On request of SMI Computersysteme GmbH as a longtime partner of the district of Zwickau and the city of Glauchau, SIGMA is responsible for the  local illumination of seven schools.
 With the help of floor plans, the locations of the access   points could be estimated in advance.                                                   During the Christmas and winter vacations, SIGMA technicians were on site to check and optimize the 
locations of the access points. From this measurement   we were able to make fact-based recommendations on  the local installation of the access points. SMI Computersysteme GmbH then received this   recommendation and the measurement results of the illumination for further processing.           

This is what our project partner says
„SIGMA‘s experience in the field of WLAN and the flexible planning of operating times convinced us of a partnership with SIGMA Chemnitz.“
Download reference report
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