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IT security & infrastructures
Contract announcement AWO Kreisverband Auerbach / Vogtland e.V.

Contract announcement AWO Kreisverband Auerbach / Vogtland e.V.

Renewal of IT infrastructure and connection of external locations

Due to the expansion of the company, the use of new technology was necessary.

After detailed consultations and a reference customer visit, the decision was made in favor of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH for the realization. In the future, two server rooms are to be built at the main location.

VMware, SAN storage, backup and recovery for server rooms

Server room 1 will contain the productive IT environment based on VMware and SAN storage. A backup and recovery solution will be integrated in the second server room. In the future, all external offices will also be connected to the central data center, ensuring better communication and administration.
As part of the project preparation, Microsoft licenses were examined and the ideal license model for AWO Auerbach was defined.

IT migration for domain and Microsoft exchange

In the course of the project, the domain and the Microsoft Exchange Server will be migrated to the latest version. After successful completion of the project, SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH will support the IT service of the AWO Kreisverband Auerbach / Vogtland e.V..

This is what our customer says...
"SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH has convinced us with its consulting services and satisfied customers. Now we have to prove this impression. We are looking forward to the project and the new IT infrastructure."
About the client

The portfolio now includes four inpatient care facilities with various unique selling points. In addition, the AWO operates a bistro - catering - menu service, which supplies the care facilities themselves and delivers about 4,000 meals to the Vogtland region every day. At the same time, the AWO looks after over seven inpatient socio-educational facilities as well as three facilities for child and youth work.

The social station provides care for people in their own residential environment, advises, supports and organizes so that people in the Vogtland can live self-determined lives in their own homes. Two service housing facilities, with integrated event space, are also operated by the AWO. The facilities of AWO Auerbach are mainly located in Auerbach, Rodewisch and Treuen.

Contract announcement AWO Kreisverband Auerbach / Vogtland e.V.
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