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Software / ERP / MES

Web services between Infor LN and HSi HSplan

The solution to integrate planning data

As an Infor LN expert, we have developed web services to exchange data and information between the ERP system and the HSplan planning tool. Data exchange related to process steps, production plans, setup, and lead times is carried out continuously and in real time.

This allows the user to access all required planning data from the corresponding system (ERP and HSplan) via a comfortable user interface (step editor). Time-consuming programming adaptation in ERP or the planning tool are thus rendered unnecessary. Data exchange and communication are minimized.

Information about production plans and machines with the indicated duration of process steps and setup times are provided in the leading Infor LN ERP system. However, in the planning tool HSplan, the process steps are planned in detail with regard to technology, the time values are calculated and correlated, and the accuracy of the technological rules is checked.

Depending on the necessity, it is possible to access from one system information in another system via web services in real time. In the Infor LN ERP system, employees can do this very conveniently via the step editor. The step editor is used to plan steps in detail. In the background, the step editor obtains the information from the HSi HSplan planning tool via interfaces.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter