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Software / ERP / MES

Web services between Infor LN and Interflex BDE

The solution to integrate order and feedback data

As the Infor LN experts, we have designed an interface to link data from production orders and changes in the ERP system with production data acquisition (German abbrev.: BDE).

Project times, production times, and production volumes that have been recorded in this integration with Interflex BDE are automated in Infor LN, transferred in real time, and managed.

Master data, such as projects, departments, operations in the ERP system, are synchronized in the BDE system. This procedure simplifies your employees’ everyday duties because they only need to work with one system (Interflex BDE). Over the years, we have expanded upon the issue of time tracking for the service module.

How the interface functions

  • Sharing information to BDE regarding changes or data retrieval, if relevant data, such as project activities, production orders, PCS orders, etc., are changed in ERP
  • Entry of data tracked in BDE into ERP by means of web service
  • Transfer of master data necessary for accounting/ entry
Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter