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Middleware via XML Message Server

The solution for third-party systems offering no web services

We are an experienced system vendor and also offer you a solution to link third-party systems to your ERP system – using our XML message server.

It is the case that not every ERP system is technically capable of calling web services or even provide them itself. Using the XML Message Server, you can avoid this issue and nevertheless link third-party systems with adequate interfaces to your ERP system.

For this purpose, an existing ERP system, such as BaaN IV, is connected with this middleware to contact or provide web services for the master data and orders.

BaaN IV application example

Acting as an intermediate layer, the XML Message Server of BaaN IV receives event-driven XML files and, based on their content, calls the web services of the middle tiers. At the same time, the XML Message Server also receives web service requests from the middle tiers and saves them as XML files.

Processing is immediately started in the third-party system. In this context, the middle tier operates a dedicated mobile service app externally designed for the customer. This app makes it possible that the technicians in the field service log and record the orders and maintenance activities.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter