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IT security & infrastructures

High availability and data storage

In the age of digitalization, not only an available, but a highly available IT infrastructure is the basis for functioning business operations of a company. No matter whether important applications, sensitive customer data or development data - all this information must be protected and kept available.

A system failure, in which machines and work processes come to a standstill, must be avoided. In order to prevent this, we offer reliable IT solutions for building a highly available IT infrastructure, taking into account a cost/benefit analysis. A storage cluster increases the reliability of your IT system.

Our portfolio


Thanks to a combination of powerful IT architecture and family concept, ETERNUS storage systems from Fujitsu are the most reliable way to provide secure data storage. With features such as Transparent Failover or Quality of Service, ETERNUS DX and ETERNUS AF systems offer enterprise capabilities in the midrange sector. Learn more about our portfolio of Eternus storage systems.


Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are known for their industry leading performance and energy efficiency. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers incorporate over twenty years of development and production know how, resulting in outstanding hardware availability.
 Learn more about our Primergy Fujitsu server portfolio.

Hyperconverged Infrastructures

By using Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, a hyper-convergent Windows Server 2019 cluster, you bundle hardware and software to achieve optimal computing power.
Click here for more information about Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Storage Spaces Direct ( S2D )

Storage Spaces Direct ( S2D ) is a function starting with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to build up a hyper-convergent IT infrastructure with existing servers. By creating an intelligent abstraction layer (storage virtualization), a highly available IT landscape (e.g. in several fire compartments) can be created on server level without a central storage unit. Learn more about Storage Spaces Direct ( S2D )..


VMware is market leader in server virtualization. The broad support of hardware and applications ensures high flexibility. For more information about VMware, please contact us!

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization

Hyper-V is a virtualization technology from Microsoft that helps companies to increase efficiency and save costs. For details about Hyper-V please contact us!

HPE MSA Storage is a family of storage solutions designed by HPE to provide small and medium businesses (SMB), remote and branch office environments with affordable yet powerful storage systems.   Learn more about our HPE MSA Storage portfolio.

HPE ProLiant servers are designed for a wide range of enterprise applications and workloads and offer high performance, reliability and flexibility. HPE ProLiant servers are deployed in data centers, businesses and organizations of various sizes worldwide.    Learn more about our HPE ProLiant server portfolio.

High availability Concepts (HA)

Keep your important company data and business-critical data applications permanently and securely available. We develop customised high availability concepts (HA) for you.

Our services around your IT infrastructure

Do you need consulting on how to make your IT secure and future-proof? With our long-time know-how we offer you not only our IT products, but also the corresponding IT services, IT consulting and IT solution concepts. When it comes to Windows migration, a backup strategy or IT support, you have found a reliable and competent partner in us.