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IT security & infrastructures

Data protection concepts and backup concepts

The long-term high availability of data is the basis for the success of a company. However, a loss of data can have far-reaching consequences for a company. This can be caused by malware, accidental deletion / overwriting, theft, fire and water damage or a faulty ERP system. Here a short reaction time is crucial! Only then, there is a high probability that you can recover lost data.

For a successful data recovery, we develop a data protection strategy and a backup concept as part of an IT plan. The latter includes a backup strategy optimized for the customer's needs.

By choosing a suitable backup strategy, the reliability of an IT system can be increased and the impact on production operations and accounting can be kept to a minimum.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) about backup & data protection:

  • In which period of time can a backup of the entire IT environment take place?
  • How long do backup data have to be backed up?
  • Where is this data stored? 


Our IT specialists have many years of experience in the field of backup concepts and data protection concepts. You will receive the competent support of our IT experts in choosing a backup strategy tailored to your needs.


Suitable hardware and software

Of course, we also offer you the appropriate hardware and software to implement a successful backup and data protection concept. Find out more about our solutions such as the industry leader for backup software Veeam.