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IT security & infrastructures

High available Concepts (HA)

Companies have sensitive, important development, application and customer data. This information and applications must be stored permanently and securely within the framework of a high availability concept (HA).

Finding a balance between availability and acquisition costs is a difficult hurdle for many IT administrators. That is why we support you in the course of an IT sizing by planning an appropriate approach for the high availability of your business critical applications together with you. Based on the customer's requirements for data availability, we deliver the appropriate concept.

Examples for such high availability concepts are storage clusters or Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions.

Suitable products for the implementation of a high availability concept

The conceptual design is followed by the implementation of the planned high availability solution. You receive everything from one source. We support you in selecting the appropriate hardware (e.g. Fujitsu Primergy Server, Fujitsu Eternus Storage etc.) & software and take care of the installation and configuration of the high availability solution.

Here you can find more information about the hardware and software solutions we offer.