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JTJ Sonneborn Industry GmbH / VELUX Group

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Today, manufacturing companies must react adequately to customer requirements.

Flexibility, a high number of product variants, production in batch size 1 and, last but not least, the prevailing lack of skilled workers pose great challenges to the traditional way of working with production and order papers. The logical consequence is the digitalization of processes and paperless production. This is made possible by UHF RFID technology and the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS, which is in use in the final assembly of the VELUX plant JTJ Sonneborn Industrie GmbH.

Here, window frames and sashes are fitted with RFID transponders ( tags ) and can thus be identified throughout the entire assembly process with the help of RFID readers and tracked right up to the goods issue. Papers no longer exist here. The intelligent system provides each worker with the relevant information depending on the product ( variant ) for each workstation.

Here you can learn more about the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS.

The trade magazine RFID im Blick reported about our RFID solution at VELUX.
Read the article here.

GRADIWARE LOS - an AutoID / RFID software for paperless production
Our customer says so
In the last 2 years we have changed our production from a pure mass production to a single part production ... Production papers can no longer be traded in this environment. With RFID technology and SIGMA as a competent partner, we have found a technology that meets our requirements in this area and which we will roll out in other production areas in the next few years.
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