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Reference report KWS - Remote installation of an identification solution

Logistics site - commissioning from a distance

How does the commissioning of a logistics site work despite travel restrictions? Quite simple: remotely, via video instructions, live chat, a lot of technical know-how in the preparation and close teamwork. For the installation of an RFID-supported fully automated identification solution for seeds in France, KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA together with SIGMA Chemnitz decided on a pilot project for remote installation. Only 6 weeks passed from the idea to the implementation. Despite the challenges, delivery was reliable and the agreed deadlines were met.

Digitalization as the key

The complex system was pre-installed at SIGMA Chemnitz in an agile sprint process by the technical team and configured and tested by the software team. The video instructions created during the test setup were made available to the experts at the customer's site and operational staff prior to shipment, ensuring optimal preparations. Close teamwork, simultaneously translated live conferences in French, English and German, video-based setup and flexible response were key to the success of the remote commissioning. The success provided us with valuable experience and is a model for the future.

This is what our customer says...
Due to the current global situation, the development of our logistics solution in the south of France, it was only possible to set up our logistics solution remotely. However, in order to stick to our roll-out, we coordinated closely with SIGMA and the local managers. In the end, the detailed preparation and the direct exchange during the commissioning were the key to a smooth process. The training of the employees was also successfully via telephone conference, considering the current conditions. In addition, this remote commissioning was also an important pilot for us, which new application possibilities for our RFID solution within the Group and at the same time significantly reduce roll-out costs at the same time. We thank SIGMA for the good cooperation.
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