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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG

Reference report Hellmann - UHF RFID gate technology for more efficient goods inbound

About the company

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG is an internationally active transport and logistics company with headquarters in Osnabrück. The logistics location Nuremberg port successfully ensures the supply and distribution logistics on site.

Decision for RFID

In the course of further development and acceleration of warehouse processes, Hellmann in Nuremberg has decided in favour of the AutoID / RFID technology of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH. An RFID gate at the incoming goods area was equipped with modern RFID technology and the software solution middleware GRAIDWARE to make incoming goods more effective and to automate digital validation processes.

The Project

The delivered packages are already tagged with RFID labels upon delivery. The delivery takes place on pallets with stacked RFID packages ( cartons / boxes ) in different sizes. The pallets with the packages are driven through an RFID gate with a lift truck or forklift. The GRAIDWARE software solution processes the pallet information of the individual packages in bundled form. The data is then immediately transmitted via interface to the Hellmann warehouse management system.  The visualization automatically displays the validation and counting results. These steps take place within a few seconds until the next pallet passage.

Our customer says so
Important for us are the digital validation results, the time saving of the bundled reading and the automatic visualisation of mistakes. SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH provided everything from a single source - the technical connection, digital process adaptation, programming and automatic display of the deviations.
Advantages of the solution
  • Faster goods flow through bulk detection of the individual packages
  • Quantity counting of the packages
  • Error detection ( too much or wrong delivery ) through database comparison and validation
  • Check for purity of type of the packages
  • Correct data transfer for inventory security
  • Transparent visualization of the results

We thank Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG for the trustful cooperation.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG
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