Embedded solutions

Our competencies

Our Competencies - We work independently of the embedded operating system and hardware-independent and develop on your own or another desired hardware.

Our competences around operating systems

Windows Embedded

Our specialists have extensive experience in the area of Windows Embedded. We can refer to extensive know-how from WindowsCE 2.11 up to the version Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Find out more about our competences around Windows Embedded.

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is an embedded operating system based on a Linux kernel. ere you can find out more about our expertise in embedded Linux.


Android TM is both an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, media players, netbooks and tablet computers. Our embedded team has experience in system integration and driver customization for Android.

Our experience with processors from ...

Experience with different platforms

  • Phytec Meßtechnik GmbH
  • Keith & Koep GmbH
  • TQ-Systems GmbH
  • Toradex Colibri