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Cirrus Logic EP9312 processor

In the development of a breath alcohol measuring device SIGMA carried out the WinCE system integration based on the Cirrus Logic EP9312 processor. This was a project for image development for different Windows Embedded CE versions.

The Cirrus Logic EP9312 processor in system-on-a-chip design is based on the ARM920T and can be used for various applications.

Possible applications of the Cirrus Logic EP9312 processor are for example the development of thin-client computers, internet radios, access hardware for the internet, industrial computers, point-of-sale terminals as well as for test and measurement equipment.

Characteristics of the Cirrus Logic EP93 processors

Since 2004, the Cirrus Logic EP9312 processor has also served as the basis for the new ARM9-based embedded processors EP9301, EP9303, EP9304, EP9305, EP9306, EP9307, EP9309, EP9310, EP9311 and EP9315.