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Intel XScale PXA270 processor

We offer you experience with projects based on the Intel PXA270 processor under Windows Embedded ( WinCe6 and WinCe5 ), Embedded Linux and Android. Our services include system integration, development and customization of Board Support Packages ( BSP ), development of drivers and applications as well as customer-specific training.

Features of the Intel XScale PXA270 processor

The Intel PXA270 was a versatile and widely used processor for embedded computing and also Intel's first processor on XScale technology, which is still used today in legacy projects. This made it possible to use Intel Wireless MMX technology and thus achieve high-performance multimedia acceleration.

The XScale processor family belongs to the RISC architecture group. The Intel PXA270 belongs thereby to the third generation of the product family, to which beside the PXA270 also the PXA271 processor and the PXA272 processor belong. With the Intel PXA270, four clock rates ( 312 MHz, 416 MHz, 520 MHz and 624 MHz ) are possible.

The Intel XScale PXA270 processor is mainly used in the mobile area with PDAs, Pocket PCs etc. In addition, there are applications in the field of portable video players and multimedia hardware.