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The Windows Embedded Compact 7

WEC7 is a version of Windows 7 completely developed for embedded solutions and the successor of Windows CE 6.

Based on Windows Embedded Compact 7, we offer you extensive experience, for example in programming a multi-touch driver, in customer-specific and standard board support packages ( BSP ), in system integration of firmware as well as in driver development for various processors such as i.MX6, i.MX53, i.MX35, i.MX28, AM335x, OMAP4 and OMAP3.

With the change Microsoft not only changed the name - the CE was dropped - but also launched a new generation of the embedded operating system.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 is a real-time operating system with a native, unified 32-bit kernel. Those who are familiar with Microsoft's Embedded solutions will also quickly find their way around Windows Embedded Compact 7. Some new features were really worth noting:


Features of Windows Embedded Compact 7


    • Silverlight for Windows Embedded
      Silverlight for Windows Embedded allows developers to create multi-touch surfaces in record time.
    • Internet Explorer Embedded
      Windows Embedded Compact 7 includes an updated Internet Explorer with a customizable interface, support for panning and zooming, multitouch, thumbnail bookmarks and built-in Flash 10.1.
    • Flash 10.1
      Flash 10.1 allows you to view Flash content even in full screen mode without a browser interface.
    • New multitouch support
      The new multi-touch support allows intuitive input options and gesture-based interaction.
    • Connection Manager & Windows Device Stage
      The Connection Manager is used to manage multiple networks on the device.
    • Microsoft Office and PDF Viewer
      Display content for Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF