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From Pakistan to Chemnitz

Name: Muhammad Sajjad Sajid

Age: 31

Job at SIGMA: I work at SIGMA Chemnitz in the software development department for the ERP system Infor.

Previously in: Pakistan

Short interview

What were the main reasons for you to settle down in Chemnitz?

I came to Germany in 2013 to study at the TU Chemnitz.

Why did you choose SIGMA Chemnitz as your employer?

I chose SIGMA Chemnitz because the job offer sounded very interesting. There were requirements that were new to me, but I was always open to learning new technologies.

How did you experience the integration into the team and the technical training?

My colleagues always gave me tips on how to cope with the German language and culture. It was also a very good learning experience for me.

German is not your mother tongue. How did you still manage to communicate with colleagues and clients on demanding technical topics?

It was difficult at the beginning, but my colleagues also helped me. The most difficult thing was communicating with clients. But I observed my colleagues in their contact with customers and over the course of time I also acquired it.

From today's perspective, was it the right decision?

I have been working at SIGMA Chemnitz for a few years now and I am still very happy with my decision. In the meantime, Chemnitz has become the centre of my life. I have started a family here and in the meantime I have also obtained German citizenship.

Recorded in April 2021.

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