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Cetex-Rheinfaser GmbH

Successful integration of the SAP Business One add-on SIGMA VAT ID check at Cetex-Rheinfaser

Efficient VAT ID check with SIGMA add-on

In order to ensure delivery to companies with a valid VAT ID in international shipping, Cetex-Rheinfaser GmbH was looking for a solution for VAT ID verification with SAP Business One and turned to SIGMA Software und Consulting. In a cooperative exchange with the company‘s current SAP partner, who was familiar with the special requirements and positively supported an installation, the SIGMA add-on VAT ID check was finally successfully implemented.

Thanks to efficient communication and cooperation, the installation was completed quickly and smoothly. The manual process of the VAT ID check was thus successfully automated. This resulted in a noticeable reduction in workload and therefore increased process efficiency.

The advantages for the customer at a glance

  • Minimization of tax risks and smooth tax audits
  • Automatic check and information in real time: Checking the existence and accuracy of VAT IDs via the Federal Tax Authority
  • No manual entry of VAT identification numbers necessary
  • Documentation of the test result: Storage of results including query date for transparent tracking
This is what the customer says
„The installation of the SIGMA VAT ID add-on for our SAP Business One system went smoothly and professionally. This tool has automated our manual processes for checking VAT IDs as desired, which is a significant labor saving. The add-on is stable and contributes to the efficiency of our processes.“
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About the client

Cetex-Rheinfaser GmbH was formed in 2002 through the merger of Cetex Chemiefaser Im- und Export GmbH and Rheinische Faser GmbH. With many years of experience in trading raw materials for the textile and non-woven industry, the company focuses on trading viscose and polyester staple fibers. Internationally active, Cetex-Rheinfaser GmbH imports from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, positioning itself as a major market player in the global fiber trade.

Cetex-Rheinfaser GmbH
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