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IT security & infrastructures

IT concept, network planning & network setup

A secure data network for storing and processing process-relevant data is the foundation of every company. It is not only a question of the right switch technology and an intelligent separation of physical and virtual networks.

First and foremost, a well thought-out IT concept should be developed, the implementation of which ensures stable data transmission between the company's internal components.

With our many years of experience in the field of IT networks, we develop needs-based IT concepts for SMEs, larger companies and public institutions and are also happy to provide strategic support in planning your IT network.

The way to your IT concept

  • Audit / inventory of IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of IT infrastructure
  • Documentation of collected information
  • Development of technical solutions
  • IT concept creation

Once the IT concept has been approved, it is implemented according to the client's specifications.

For a network planning we discuss the following topics within the framework of an IT concept:

  • suitable form of connectivity
  • required active network components
  • Selection of suitable IP addresses
  • Configuration of IT network
  • Arrangements for permanent availability of the network

WLAN / WiFi site survey

In order to connect a handheld or a forklift to your IT network, for example, well-developed WiFi networks are a basic requirement. Security and environmental conditions play an important role.

We clarify the following questions:

    • Which hardware is the right one?
    • How many access points are needed for the warehouse?
    • Can external warehouses be networked with each other?

    These and other questions can be evaluated with a WLAN / WiFi site survey.

    A powerful WiFi is now a necessary prerequisite for digitalizing processes in office buildings as well. The Digitalpakt Schule is driving the expansion of WiFi networks in schools. WiFi site survey in schools or office complexes is the basis for determining the optimum number and position of access points in the building.

    The right portfolio

    Of course we also offer you the appropriate portfolio for the implementation of your networks. Find out here about our range of network solutions and network components.

    Lucas Hübert - Vertrieb IT-Security und Infrastruktur | Standort Chemnitz