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Short interview career returnees


Name: Michael Idczak

Age: 34

Job at SIGMA: : I work at SIGMA in the AutoID / RFID department and am responsible for the quality assurance of the software product GRAIDWARE ®.

Previously in: I was employed in Vogtland for several years.

Short interview

What were your main reasons for moving to the Chemnitz region in particular?

I worked for a company in the IT sector in the Vogtland region for several years, where I really liked it. The problem was the constant commuting. I always drove 90 kilometres each way and had a secondary residence near my place of work. I usually only saw my family and friends at weekends. In the long run, that was not a good state of affairs. That's why at some point I started looking for an interesting job back home.

Why did you decide on SIGMA Chemnitz?

I became aware of SIGMA through internet research for a job in the IT sector. My first impression was positive. Especially a company-owned software product in the RFID area sounds like an exciting challenge and future-proof. The environment and the general conditions fit very well.

Was it the right decision?

So far I am happy about my decision, but after about six weeks it is too short to make a concrete statement.

The interview was conducted in July 2014.

Would you like to apply actively? Then simply send us your application documents to   bewerbung(at)sigma-chemnitz.de. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Anne Krenkel by telephone on +49 371 2371-100.