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From Kiev to Chemnitz

Name: Yakiv Mizhys

Age: 45

Job at SIGMA: I work in software development at SIGMA Chemnitz.

Previously    in: I was born in Kiev.

Short interview

What were your main reasons for moving to the Chemnitz region in particular?

I originally came to Chemnitz because my family was already here and I have been living here since 1990. So there was no question for me that I was looking for a job in the Chemnitz region. I wanted to stay here in the region.

Why did you decide on SIGMA Chemnitz?

I had a good feeling from the very first interview. Above all, the task of working on an exciting product development was appealing to me. When the time came, it was actually quite easy for me to decide in favour of SIGMA Chemnitz.

Was it the right decision?

At the beginning, of course, it was mainly about getting used to the job. That is always a new beginning. But I was immediately very well received by the team, so it was very easy. Now I have been with SIGMA Chemnitz for several years and I am still very happy with my decision.

The short interview was conducted in September 2014.

Would you like to apply actively? Then simply send us your application documents to bewerbung(at)sigma-chemnitz.de. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Anne Krenkel by telephone on +49 371 2371-100.