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Microsoft 365 migration

Maximum productivity in your company with the Microsoft 365 solutions

A lot of migration work is required to achieve a uniform system. With us as experts, you are well advised to avoid errors such as data loss. We bring your Office products up to date with a Microsoft 365 migration.

You have…

  •   outdated  Microsoft Office licenses
  • local  Exchange Server
  • missing license overview
  • problems caused by different Microsoft Office versions 

in that case, you should switch to Microsoft 365!

Why should you do the migration with us?

Professional consulting:
As an IT service provider, we define the requirements for a new system with you and can estimate the costs very well. With us you are on the safe path to your new system.

Certified IT specialists:
Our specialists are very familiar with the extensive Microsoft 365 migration processes. Here we can fall back on experience from successful projects.

Microsoft 365 migration for your individual requirements:
We are not a standardized migration tool. We are a flexible team that can actively respond to your requirements. With us, your migration will be a complete success.

We as SIGMA are a regional IT system house with customers mainly from Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.
Despite our regional customer base, we are also represented nationwide for cloud topics such as M365 (Microsoft 365).

What services do we offer as SIGMA for your Microsoft 365 migration?

Planning and coordination

We organize with you a smooth transition from the old system to the new Microsoft 365 environment. We check the circumstances, support you with licensing advice, set a schedule and define the areas of responsibility.

Microsoft 365 migration to the new system

Establishment of specialists who know the processes inside out. Configuration & rights management for a clean handover of the system to the IT admin or managing director. Data transfer without data loss with our emergency backup systems. Deploying Exchange Online.

Documentation & instruction

Detailed documentation about the new system and how to set it up for the IT admin as well as briefing on the range of functions of the new tools.

Top 5 reasons for a Microsoft 365 migration

How to benefit from a Microsoft 365 migration:

  • Low predictable costs without large investment requests every few years
  • Time-saving and clear administration through the admin center and Azure Active Directory
  • Increase in productivity through full use of all features
  • Very flexibly adaptable from month to month, with a detailed license overview
  • Access anywhere from up to 5 devices (MDM)

These are the questions you should ask yourself before switching to Microsoft 365

Microsoft tools receive constant updates and are more future-proof than legacy programs

Standard programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook are part of daily work. They should be migrated as a priority.

Microsoft's diverse tools are often underestimated or unknown, despite their helpful capabilities.

Departments such as accounting or secretarial services are particularly dependent on functioning spreadsheets in Excel.

Department-specific requirements should be handled cohesively, so one is not overwhelmed by constantly changing specifics.

Especially important as well as API files with special scripts should be secured as a precaution and checked for functionality after migration.