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IT security & infrastructures

Migration of Microsoft 365

Maximum productivity in your company with the Microsoft 365 solutions

A lot of migration work is required to achieve a uniform system. With us as experts, you are well advised to avoid errors such as data loss. We bring your Office products up to date with a Microsoft 365 migration.

You have…

  •   outdated  Microsoft Office licenses
  • local  Exchange Server
  • missing license overview
  • problems caused by different Microsoft Office versions 

in that case, you should switch to Microsoft 365!

Why should you do the migration with us?

Professional consulting:
As an IT service provider, we define the requirements for a new system with you and can estimate the costs very well. With us you are on the safe path to your new system.

Certified IT specialists:
Our specialists are very familiar with the extensive Microsoft 365 migration processes. Here we can fall back on experience from successful projects.

Microsoft 365 migration for your individual requirements:
We are not a standardized migration tool. We are a flexible team that can actively respond to your requirements. With us, your migration will be a complete success.

We as SIGMA are a regional IT system house with customers mainly from Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.
Despite our regional customer base, we are also represented nationwide for cloud topics such as M365 (Microsoft 365).

What services do we offer as SIGMA for your Microsoft 365 migration?

Planning and coordination

We organize with you a smooth transition from the old system to the new Microsoft 365 environment. We check the circumstances, support you with licensing advice, set a schedule and define the areas of responsibility.

Microsoft 365 migration to the new system

Establishment of specialists who know the processes inside out. Configuration & rights management for a clean handover of the system to the IT admin or managing director. Data transfer without data loss with our emergency backup systems. Deploying Exchange Online.

Documentation & instruction

Detailed documentation about the new system and how to set it up for the IT admin as well as briefing on the range of functions of the new tools.

Top 5 reasons for a Microsoft 365 migration

How to benefit from a Microsoft 365 migration:

  • Low predictable costs without large investment requests every few years
  • Time-saving and clear administration through the admin center and Azure Active Directory
  • Increase in productivity through full use of all features
  • Very flexibly adaptable from month to month, with a detailed license overview
  • Access anywhere from up to 5 devices (MDM)

These are the questions you should ask yourself before switching to Microsoft 365

Microsoft tools receive constant updates and are more future-proof than legacy programs

Standard programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook are part of daily work. They should be migrated as a priority.

Microsoft's diverse tools are often underestimated or unknown, despite their helpful capabilities.

Departments such as accounting or secretarial services are particularly dependent on functioning spreadsheets in Excel.

Department-specific requirements should be handled cohesively, so one is not overwhelmed by constantly changing specifics.

Especially important as well as API files with special scripts should be secured as a precaution and checked for functionality after migration.

The 5 most common mistakes when migrating to Microsoft 365

 1. Old and new systems are operated in parallel
Employees constantly need double user logon, which is often perceived as a nuisance. Old systems can often be replaced with new solutions from Microsoft.

2. Schedule cannot be realistically estimated
When setting a schedule, the first difficulties usually become apparent. Schedules do not always run best case and buffer times should be planned for contingencies.

3. The order of the individual steps is not observed
The migration starts with a clean setup of the tenant. Many migrations start randomly and data loss occurs. Even small errors can have major consequences.

4. Obtaining a data overview
In order to be able to determine after the migration whether data losses are present, one should compile a data overview beforehand

5. Employees are not trained for new system
Employees should be informed about the migration. Employees should also be made aware of important new features. This is the only way to prevent major teething problems.

Migration Management
Major migrations like these often involve large amounts of data and usually include many obstacles. To be able to avoid data loss or system failures, turn to us as migration experts. We are at your disposal for this and can advise you comprehensively. Contact us here.

Do you know these problems? If you do, Microsoft 365 helps you out!

Office version differences lead to problems
Employees complain that files don't work as they should, or document sharing results in view errors.

Overview of user licenses incomplete, outdated or not available at all
License purchases are years behind and are assigned in a confusing manner. With the Microsoft 365 Admincenter you have the complete system clearly displayed, with variable license management.

Employees don't like to switch to a new system every few years
Many new features with major version jumps every few years can be disruptive for clarity and productivity. With the automatically updating system, the changes are mostly small and happen piece by piece.

Microsoft 365 to replace your on-premises Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2013 will reach its end of life support on April 11, 2023. The migration from Exchange 2013 to Microsoft 365 or Exchange 2019 is therefore imminent and should be planned now. If you do not migrate your Exchange Server in time, you are taking a high security risk. After the support end date, Microsoft shuts down its security services for the servers. Since the support end date is public, hackers can react promptly.


Microsoft 365 plans for small to medium businesses ( up to 300 users ).

Subscription properties

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Office applications local

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access


Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access

Applications Online web-based in the browser

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote

Online services

OneDrive (1 TB per User)

Exchange (50 GB per Post office box), SharePoint, OneDrive (1 TB per User)

Exchange (50 GB per Post office box), SharePoint, OneDrive (1 TB pro User)

Exchange (50 GB per Post office box), SharePoint, OneDrive (1 TB per User)

Microsoft Teams

Chats & meetings in the company

Chats & meetings in the company

Chats & meetings in the company

Chats & meetings in the company

Additional tools


Delve, Sway, Yammer, Power Automate (Workflow), Power Apps, Planner

Delve, Sway, Yammer, Power Automate (Workflow), Power Apps, Planner

Delve, Sway, Yammer, Power Automate (Workflow), Power Apps, Planner

Operating system included





Office Mobile Apps

For iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


For iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

For iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Azure Information Protection





Use of Office programs via Terminal Server / RDS





Advanced Threat Protection





Selective delete via Intune


Delete company data remotely if device is lost or stolen

Advanced app protection


Office Mobile Apps copy or store corporate information for unauthorized apps & restrict storage locations

Windows Defender Exploit Guard / Protection against malicious software


Set policies to protect against viruses, spyware and other threats

E-mail archiving





Message encryption





Rights Management Services (RMS)





Data Loss Prevention (DLP)





Cloud App Discovery


Overview of all installed apps on employee devices to prevent malicious installations

Setup Assistent & simplified policy management





Microsoft 365 add-on tools - improve your Microsoft 365 environment

Audit-proof email archiving for Microsoft 365 Outlook

Backup for your Microsoft 365 data security

Comprehensive IT security solutions for your new Microsoft 365 system

FAQ - Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 data centers have multiple locations in Germany available for your data. With mirrored data centers, even if one site fails, a second is immediately ready and takes over the services.

Through encrypted storage of data and an IT security standard according to the ISO 27001, your information is safe. Data protection policies are handled according to the EU standard clauses.

F-User stands for "Frontline Worker" and can be used for employees in production, for example, who do not have their own workstation.

Microsoft 365 includes all Office 365 products, plus additional IT Security & Mobility products. 

Besides the pure product purchase as a subscription, you also need technical knowledge. For switching to such a cloud system, one should be well informed. This way you can avoid data loss.

For the daily use of Microsoft Office products as well as the use of multiple (mobile) devices, Microsoft 365 offers the optimal solution.

If the desktop apps are included in the subscription, they can be used. However, an Internet connection is required for web-based use and synchronization.

Yes, this is usually valid for 30 days and can be requested from us upon request. This allows you to gain first impressions in the Microsoft 365 environment. 

Microsoft 365 services run almost exclusively in the cloud and therefore require few resources of their own. A stable Internet connection is an important prerequisite.

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center is used to manage and review licenses for Microsoft 365, where you can add or remove new licenses, adjust existing licenses,  monitor and report on license usage.

Upgrades or downgrades of Microsoft 365 licenses can be performed relatively easily via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. After consultation with us, the license plans will be adjusted in this regard.

Microsoft 365 - product portfolio

Microsoft Exchange 


Management of e-mails & mailboxes with business domain and synchronization of all users


Microsoft Word


Program for writing all types of texts


Microsoft Teams


Chat tool with video telephony for internal collaboration or customer meetings


Microsoft Excel


Spreadsheet program with many functionalities


Microsoft OneNote


Program for quick note writing and sketching


Microsoft Publisher


Tool for creating diverse layouts with creative design templates


Microsoft PowerPoint


Create presentations and graphics with animations & smart templates


Microsoft OneDrive


Cloud storage for data backup and file sharing


Microsoft SharePoint


Collaborate on documents and structure data


Microsoft Outlook


Email service to send and receive emails, calendar scheduling and contact data collection


Microsoft Power Automate


Application for workflow creation to automate work steps


Microsoft Power Apps


Easy creation of business apps without programming skills


Microsoft Power BI


Analysis tool for particularly clear evaluation of all company data


Microsoft Power Pages


Without programming knowledge you will be able to create corporate websites



Microsoft Power Virtual Agents


Create AI-powered chatbots to automatically answer frequently asked questions, support requests, or initial contact requests on the web in an automated manner



Microsoft Access


A relational database management system with numerous templates and design tools


Microsoft Delve


This data visualization tool helps search for data within the Microsoft 365 environment and provides an extensive search capability


Microsoft Stream


Video service through which organizations can manage and share their recordings of courses, meetings or trainings


Microsoft Azure


Microsoft's cloud platform, which provides users with all cloud services and resources



Microsoft Bookings


Tool for facilitated appointment creation


Microsoft Forms


For creating surveys for customer feedback or for internal company polls


Microsoft Intune


Service for managing all mobile devices (MDM) such as cell phones or tablets


Microsoft Launcher


An application launch platform to better integrate Microsoft apps into the Android mobile environment


Microsoft Copilot


An artificial intelligence, which should help to optimize work processes. Tasks such as research, content generation, slide animation, meeting planning and much more are to be assisted.


Microsoft Project


Project planning software for time planning and target fulfillment


Microsoft Visio


A visualization software to create diagrams, timelines, floor plans and much more


Microsoft Planner


Task management tool for creating project plans


Microsoft Admin Center


Setup and management of Microsoft 365



Microsoft List


Task management tool for more overview of pending activities


Microsoft Staffhub


Team organization through duty rosters as well as for the coordination of employees, for example to create shift schedules


Microsoft Sway


Share interactive reports, presentations or newsletters in a web-based solution


Microsoft Yammer


An internal company social media program to share and network with colleagues


Microsoft Viva


Expertise, training, resources and knowledge are combined there and made available to employees among themselves


Microsoft Whiteboard


Available in teams or as a desktop app to allow employees to quickly and easily outline processes



Microsoft Designer


A graphic design app, for social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics and much more



Microsoft Loop


An app that makes collaborative group work more powerful and flexible



Microsoft Clipchamp


With this tool you can easily edit videos on the web or in the app using drag and drop



Microsoft Defender


An antivirus software for Windows developed by Microsoft



Microsoft Synapse


An analysis service for larger data queries



Microsoft Purview


Resource management to ensure risk management and information protection, with many compliance solutions



Microsoft Image Creator for Edge


An edgebrowser tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn your written words into images



Microsoft Sentinel


Sentinel can be used to perform security analysis for attack detection with proactive response capabilities



Microsoft Entra


A security solution to grant secure access or detect risky authorizations



Comparison products to Microsoft 365

LibreOffice - OpenOffice


Product information


Both products come from the open source area. LibreOffice therefore often included by default in open source systems like Linux.
OpenOffice is the predecessor of LibreOffice, but is still supported. Such free open source products are popular a choice for students.
OpenOffice is also not available as a 64-bit variant. Therefore, OpenOffice usually runs better on older hardware than LibreOffice.
Both are like Microsoft Office products with a limited range of functions.
In the business area, Microsoft convinces with a large number of functions. There are more and more new tools for the digital workplace being released by Microsoft.
LibreOffice also brings by default no alternative to the email program Outlook ( Thunderbird is often mentioned as an open source variant of Mozilla) .
Also the exchange of files with customers often brings compatibility problems.


Standard Tools in LibreOffice are:


Writer: Text processing program (equivalent  to Microsoft Word)
Calc: Spreadsheet (equivalent  to Microsoft Excel)
Impress: Presentations (equivalent  to Microsoft Powerpoint)
Draw: Drawing tool (comparable to Visio from Microsoft)
Base: Database management system (comparable to Microsoft Access)
Math: This formula calculator is also used in other applications

Google Suite


Product information


Google offers many comparative products to Microsoft 365 with a bunch of tools. Most Google Apps are already familiar to us as home users. 
Google is the number 1 search engine worldwide. In addition, probably every Android user uses the Google Playstore to download apps or the   navigationsystem  Google Maps. With a number of "G-Suite" products, Google also complements some business tools.

All of Google's products are 100% cloud-based. Microsoft also offers its customers the products as a local installation. 
Google's business tools are also very extensive, but it does not offer a comparable product for Microsoft Exchange for email management.

Standard Tools in G-Suite are:


Google-Docs: Word processing program (like Microsoft Word)
Google-Sheets: Spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel)
Google-Drive: Cloudstorage and Backup (Equivalent to Microsoft OneDrive)
Gmail: E-mail program (comparable to Microsoft Outlook)
Google-Slides: Presentation program (Equivalent to Microsoft Powerpoint)
Google-Meet: Voice and video conferencing tool (comparable to Microsoft Teams)
Google-Calendar: Comparison product to Microsoft Calendar

News - Everything about Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot 

Microsoft is launching its own artificial intelligence co-developed by OpenAI. This is to be integrated into the various Microsoft 365 Office applications. This chat-based solution will not only provide answers in text form like ChatGPT. In several announcement videos you can see how Microsoft Copilot can summarize teams meetings for you to filter out the main points even after long meetings. In Excel, meaningful evaluations are created and data is structured. A PowerPoint slide of pure content becomes a vivid presentation with structure and consistent transitions. Copilot is able to learn from existing Word templates and apply this pattern to new documents to generate similar content.
These things and many more should be done in no time with Microsoft Copilot. The future will show how this solution can be integrated into everyday work. Already today, many people are using ChatGPT to work in a more time-efficient way.

Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft will retire the Kaizala app on August 31, 2023. This collaboration tool was established in 2017 for Microsoft 365. Teams, however, has made this solution obsolete and has now completely replaced it.

October 10, 2023 - access support will be terminated

Office 2016 and Office 2019 are no longer supported when connecting to Microsoft 365. These versions can still connect to Microsoft 365, but their connections are no longer supported and you may experience performance or reliability issues in the future. 

Windows Mail & Calendar will be replaced

Microsoft has announced that its standard "Mail" and "Calendar" software will be gradually replaced by the "Outlook" application from August 2023. The changeover is being made with the aim of offering users an improved and more comprehensive platform for communication and time management.

From August 2023, users will be able to migrate from "Mail" and "Calendar" to the latest version of "Outlook". This will ensure a seamless migration of emails, calendar entries and contacts. However, the switch will not be forced, and users will have the option to revert to the previous applications if they prefer.

Microsoft has already announced the end of support for "Mail" and "Calendar" at the end of 2024. From that point on, no further updates or security patches will be made available for these applications. Starting in 2024, new computers will also be shipped with "Outlook" instead of "Mail" and "Calendar." This change is intended to ensure that users are using the best possible software for their communication and time management needs right from the start.

Lucas Hübert - Vertrieb IT-Security und Infrastruktur | Standort Chemnitz