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IT security & infrastructures

Network solutions for IT

BDE systems, machines or the classic tablet require access to the network. The provision of a secure data network is the basis for the successful digitalization of your company.

Due to our extensive product portfolio with products from different manufacturers, we are able to create an individual and needs-based IT network concept according to your requirements.

By analyzing the importance and priority of different components and their data volume, we gain decision-relevant information for the subsequent IT network planning.

We minimize the risk of failure by creating reliability and redundancy with the IT network solutions we offer.

Together with you, we analyze which network components and WLAN components should ultimately be used in your case.

IT network components

Modern data networks require solid planning. Since the network forms the basis of your IT and has to meet a wide range of requirements, network security, stable availability, flexibility and performance are our top priorities.

To make your network agile and intelligent, we rely on products from the market leaders Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), LANCOM Systems and Cisco for active network components (routers, repeaters, hubs, switches, wireless access points).

WLAN / WiFi solutions from LANCOM

Wireless LAN ( WLAN / WiFi ) is used in scenarios where cabling is inefficient or mobile devices are to be given access. With its know-how and years of experience, LANCOM offers secure WiFi networks that work reliably even in harsh environments.