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IT security & infrastructures

Switching from KASPERSKY to SOPHOS

The Federal Office for Information Security ( BSI ) warns against the use of  antivirus software from the Russian manufacturer Kaspersky. All users of Kaspersky are strongly advised to replace their applications with alternative products.

How can Kaspersky users effectively protect their data in the future?

Data security experts recommend not to simply uninstall the KASPERSKY antivirus software and fall back on Windows Defender, as it does not provide sufficient protection against current malware.

Take advantage of our offer of a free SOPHOS trial license and benefit immediately and for at least 30 days from the full functionality of SOPHOS Security Software without license limitation.

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SIGMA Chemnitz is a long-standing Fujitsu service partner (SELECT EXPERT Partner Status) and your specialist for Fujitsu solutions. Also with all questions about IT security and solutions like Fujitsu PalmSecure we are happy to assist you with our know-how. Simply get in contact with us!