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The SOPHOS Intercept X solution

With Sophos Intercept X, you get effective endpoint protection that stands out.

Sophos bundles its endpoint and server protection packages under the Intercept X umbrella brand. Sophos Intercept X offers you enhanced Deep Learning for malware detection and exploit prevention for vulnerabilities. The basic Endpoint Protection package includes all the classic protection for endpoints such as servers running Windows, Linux or Unix and PCs running Windows or Mac OS, as well as protection for storage platforms such as Sharepoint, Dropbox Business or OneDrvie. Manage all other products and add-ons from the web-based Sophos Central console in a user-friendly and efficient way.

How SOPHOS Intercept X Endpoint works

Sophos Intercept X not only has powerful deep-learning malware detection, it also provides anti-ransomware, active attack protection and anti-exploit technology, as well as the ability to add advanced detection and response ( XDR ) capabilities that also use deep learning. This automated, proactive detection ensures that endpoints are effectively protected against complex, advanced attacks.

Functions of SOPHOS Intercept X Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint Detection and Response ( EDR )

Potential threats are automatically detected and prioritized. You recognize where to focus and can take care of affected systems.

Sophos XDR

By using cross-product data sources, you benefit from greater visibility beyond Endpoint.

You get effective protection against ransomware and automatic file recovery when needed. Behavioral analysis stops ransomware and boot record attacks in time.

The integrated artificial intelligence ( AI ) enables Sophos Intercept X to identify known as well as unknown malware without signatures.

Effectively prevent exploits and techniques that spread malware, steal credentials, and disguise attacks.

Sophos Management Threat Response

The Sophos experts ensure that even highly complex threats are eliminated through targeted measures.

Prevent persistence on systems effectively with Active Adversary Mitigations and credential theft with Credential Theft Protection. Malicious Traffic Detection identifies malicious traffic.

The Central Management Console allows you to conveniently and clearly manage your Endpoint Protection, EDR and XDR, and other Sophos solutions.

Sophos Synchronized Security

To ensure that you are always up to date, data is automatically exchanged between the individual Sophos applications and response measures are taken independently without your intervention.

SOPHOS IT Security Products

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