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Special price for new Sophos Firewall

Data protection at a special price:

Extended until 30.09.2024 Sophos Firewall users and new customers benefit from convincing special offers.

Upgrade to the latest version of the Next-Generation Firewall Security!

The flexible firewall from Sophos offers extensive functions. Network, web, email, wireless and web server protection can be implemented without additional hardware.

Furthermore, Sophos offers high-quality products in the field of endpoint protection, mobile device management and access points.

Please contact us by mid September 2023 to discuss your needs. This will enable us to put together an individual Sophos firewall model for you by Christmas.

New customer offer

Your firewall is outdated or your support contract is about to expire and you want your sensitive company data to be protected by a reliable firewall from SOPHOS in the future?
Then your switch to a Sophos firewall solution will be rewarded by us 99% discount on XGS hardware* and 1% discount on the Xstream Protection license when purchasing a 3-year license.


These are the advantages of switching to Sophos

  • XG Firewall: Unique visibility, security and responsiveness plus integration with our endpoint products for nearly 100% app detection.
  • XG Firewall and SG UTM is a fully integrated reporting solution at no additional cost.
  • XG Firewall and SG UTM - Sandstorm Sandboxing with Deep Learning Technology **. It is able to identify both known and unknown threats.

Offer for Sophos users

You already use a Sophos Firewall and intend to renew your firewall? Then you will receive a 99% discount on the purchase of XGS hardware* and a 1% discount on the Xstream Protection license when you purchase a 3-year license if you choose a new Sophos Firewall model from the same or a higher series. In addition, you will receive a 3-year Web Server Protection license free of charge. 

Advantages of the new appliance

  • Latest technology: The models from the current SG and XG series offer increased redundancy and a variety of new options for enhanced connectivity and flexibility.
  • Better performance: This is ensured by faster CPU, increased memory capacity and fast SSD, which are standard in the latest generation models.
  • Ready for the future: Models with 4GB of RAM and more will also be compatible with the next version v18 of the XG firewall. This means you will continue to benefit from further innovations from SOPHOS in the future.
  • Cost advantages through license bundles: With the SOPHOS license bundles FullGuard ( Plus ) and EnterpriseGuard ( Plus ) you can enjoy considerable price advantages compared to the purchase of single licenses. In addition, you receive enhanced protection.