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Freescale NXP i.MX35 processor

What are the benefits of using the NXP i.MX35 ( previously Freescale i.MX35 )? - The NXP i.MX35 processor is particularly suitable for three areas of application. The use in multimedia applications in the automotive industry, in the consumer field and in the industrial manufacturing sector.

For the i.box family from IVU, we have programmed a microcontroller based on Phytec‘s phyCARD i.MX35 hardware, integrated firmware and developed drivers.

In today's world, multimedia and automotive technology are increasingly merging. Infotainment systems are finding their way into our lives. In addition, to bring these systems to life, NXP ( formerly Freescale ) has launched the iMX35. For demanding multimedia applications on mobile phones, portable media players and laptops, the iMX35 processor is very well suited. Here the NXP iMX35 impresses with its balance between performance, low energy consumption and excellent connectivity.

Special attention was paid to the low power consumption in the ARM11 based on the iMX35 processor, as this is a decisive advantage for the quality of the applications.

Characteristics of the NXP i.MX35 processors

  • i.MX351 - suitable for automotive applications
  • i.MX353 - suitable for consumer and industrial use
  • i.MX355 - suitable for automotive applications
  • i.MX356 - suitable for automotive applications
  • i.MX357 - suitable for consumer and industrial use