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Monitoring of cleaning cycles for containers

In several industries, there is a need for containers and/or their contents to be cleaned in regular cycles. Automated RFID tracking of the containers enables fully automated cycle monitoring, for example in the production of electronic parts or food.

Thus, the adherence to cleaning cycles can be reliably guaranteed and a transparent container tracking and thus inventory security ( container management ) can be realized.

Further advantages are the warning function in case of process deviations, the acquisition of a database for re-procurement and planning as well as quality assurance by avoiding not o.k. components.

Automated monitoring of cleaning cycles

... of containers in production of electronics

Today, sophisticated electronic assemblies can be produced either under expensive clean room conditions or by ensuring high standards of clean working environments in conventional environments. If no clean room exists, the cleaning of contaminated transport containers, for example after a fixed number of cycles, must be ensured by individual monitoring.

With RFID, we can document each container circulation at an airlock fully automatically to a unique container
and then also prevent its use if it is exceeded until the next cleaning has taken place. Today's RFID transponders are suitable for the cleaning process as well as for use on ESD containers ( Electrostatic Sensitive Device - special containers to avoid electrostatic charges ).

... of containers for food and in medicine

In the food industry and also in medicine, it is imperative that no containers or small load carriers ( KLT ) are put into a new circulation before they have been cleaned.

The containers and thus also the RFID transponders are exposed to high thermal and chemical requirements.

The process parameters to which the containers are exposed during cleaning can also be documented ( OPC Integration Cleaning System ).

Our RFID solutions also enable batch tracing, for example in the production of sausage products.

Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung