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SIGMA as a training company

Interview: Trainee IT specialist for system integration

Name: Felix Bier

Age: 17

School-leaving qualification: Secondary school diploma

Occupation: IT specialist for system integration in the 2nd year of training

Department: IT systems engineering


How did you decide to start an IT vocational training programme?

I decided to do an IT apprenticeship because I did internships at IT companies when I was at school and they sparked my interest in computers and IT network technology. After completing my training as an IT specialist for system integration, I definitely want to continue working in the IT sector.

What do you particularly like about your training at SIGMA?

I like the fact that I have a lot of "creative" freedom in my department and that I can try out and test a lot on my own. Among other things, I have been provided with an IT system on which I can virtually build my own small "company network". I don't know of any of my classmates at the vocational school who have been provided with something similar.

How involved are you in current IT projects?

Even in my first year as an apprentice, I was involved in several customer projects, such as the rollout of over 500 thin clients (mini computers) at the Sparkasse Chemnitz. I also played a supporting role in the  renewal of the IT infrastructure of a Chemnitz housing cooperative (CAWG). In the meantime, I regularly travel with my colleagues to customers' sites and take care of setting up and maintaining their IT infrastructure.

What experience did you gain while working in other departments at SIGMA?

During my time in sales, for example, I had the opportunity to assist at several SIGMA customer events and also to accompany our sales staff during initial meetings with new customers.

Last but not least - how do you feel about the working atmosphere?

The collegial environment in my department is friendly and relaxed. Since I've been through every department in the company, I can also say that I've never met anyone who isn't up for a little fun.

How do you see your future?

Most of the IT specialists trained by SIGMA Chemnitz were taken on after completing their IT vocational training. I think that's good because you already know each other and know how things work.

This interview was conducted in February 2021.

Do you want to apply actively? Please send us your application documents directly to bewerbung(at)sigma-chemnitz.de. If you have any questions, you can contact our personnel officer Ms. Anne Krenkel by phone at +49 371 2371-100.