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SIGMA Chemnitz as a practical partner for dual studies

Interview: Dual study programme in business informatics with SIGMA as practical partner

Name: Alexander Schmidt

Age: 21

School-leaving qualification: Realschulabschluss

Professional qualification: IT specialist for system integration

Course of studies: Business informatics

Degree sought: Bachelor (B.A.)

Company: SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH

How did you decide to pursue a dual degree programme after completing your vocational training?

After I gratuated from secondary school, I decided to do vocational training as an "IT specialist for application development" at SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH, a subsidiary of SIGMA Chemnitz. The content I learned and the practical experience I gained during my apprenticeship showed me that I wanted to delve even further into the "depths" of software development.

However, I always thought that the prerequisite for a dual study programme was a completed high school diploma. During my research, however, I found out that you can also study dual studies at the Saxony University of Cooperative Education with a completed vocational training if you have successfully passed an entrance exam.

To prepare for this exam, I took a two-week preparatory course offered by the Technical school for technology and economics in Glauchau. For the duration of the course, I had the opportunity to stay in the dormitory of the University of Cooperative Education Glauchau.

Why did you decide to continue with dual studies after successfully completing your vocational training at SIGMA?

Due to the many, sometimes complex, economic processes that are part of the daily business in an ERP system (SAP Business One at SIGMA), I decided to complete a degree in computer science with a focus on economics.

The constant alternation between practical and theoretical phases in the dual study programme  allows you to apply the knowledge acquired in the theoretical phase directly in practice and thus consolidate the knowledge gained. So far, this has already helped me in the implementation of some requirements, as the processes to be mapped and conceptualised were more comprehensible in terms of content. This made it possible to take certain scenarios into account during the implementation of various projects, which I otherwise would not have considered.

What does your everyday life currently look like in the theory phases at the Berufsakademie Sachsen Staatliche Studienakademie?

Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching in the higher semesters at the University of Cooperative Education Glauchau currently takes place exclusively online. Through direct communication with the professors in charge, the teaching of theory works smoothly so that the necessary exams can be completed with success. 

The current way of working also eliminates the need for constant commuting between home and the dormitory. This is an advantage in terms of learning and working time. However, this means that the close contact and coordination with other fellow students is somewhat shorter than in face-to-face classes.

What do you do during the practical phases at SIGMA?

During the practical phases of my studies, I support the SAP Business One department as a software developer. The tasks mainly include system installations, programming (mostly C#), error analyses and problem solving, as well as the creation of reports/evaluations, which are dynamically generated based on the data available in the ERP system SAP. But also the documentation and testing of developed software solutions is part of the daily work.

By using the agile working method "Scrum" within the SAP team, new projects can be planned in a structured way and scheduled in a targeted manner. This means that the daily acute support work and the further development of the standard ERP system can be harmonised well.

How do you rate the working atmosphere at SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH?

The familiar atmosphere and the flat hierarchies in the company make internal communication easy and relaxed. Even in stressful situations, the interaction among each other remains friendly and respectful. Thanks to the close cooperation between management, team leaders and employees, new ideas can be implemented quickly and challenges mastered swiftly. Every employee has the same status and can contribute creatively to his/her own or other tasks.

What do you want to do after graduating with a Bachelor's degree?

After successfully completing my studies, I plan to continue supporting the SAP Business One department as a software developer in order to consolidate and constantly expand my acquired knowledge.

This interview was conducted in April 2021.

Would you like to apply actively? Then simply send us your application documents to bewerbung(at)sigma-chemnitz.de. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Anne Krenkel by telephone on +49 371 2371-100.

Would you like to apply actively? Then simply send us your application documents to bewerbung(at)sigma-chemnitz.de. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Anne Krenkel by telephone on +49 371 2371-100.