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DPFA Akademiengruppe GmbH

Contract announcement DPFA Akademie Gruppe GmbH

Challenge & Goals

The first consultations with SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH were held two years ago. The objective was to eliminate the existing stand-alone systems and to establish standardised software structures for all locations of DPFA Akademiegruppe Gmbh.

The solution - SAP Business One

By introducing the ERP software SAP Business One. Then, on 1 March 2018, the time had come - digital planning could be used by DPFA Akademiegruppe GmbH with immediate effect. All preparatory work should be completed by the end of July so that the "go-live" of the entire system can be duly celebrated on 1 August 2018.

This is what our customer says
"In the early days, everything was still done by hand in our accounting department. By implementing SAP Business One, we will be able to work much more efficiently in the future."
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About the client

"Lifelong learning" - this is the mission statement of the DPFA Akademiegruppe GmbH. From primary school through secondary school, high school and college to further education, the DPFA Academy Group, founded in Zwickau in 1990, provides comprehensive knowledge from all subject areas at different locations in Saxony, trains and thus opens up new opportunities for people in their lives.

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