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IT security & infrastructures

Fujitsu PalmSecure - highest security level through biometric authentication

Are you looking for a reliable authentication method that truly allows only the authorized user to access your sensitive data? Then there is no way around Fujitsu PalmSecure ®.

With this technology, a biometric authentication of the user is carried out by a vein scan when logging on to a notebook, PC or other computer-based technical device. The individuality of a vein pattern makes this authentication method used by Fujitsu PalmSecure ® many times more secure than many conventional IT security solutions.

How PalmSecure works

PalmSecure ® uses near infrared light. The oxygen-depleted hemoglobin in the hand veins absorbs the light, reducing reflection and causing the veins to appear as a black pattern. This vein pattern is then matched against a previously registered pattern for authentication.

This technology offers two very important advantages

  1. The vein patterns are unique to each individual and have detailed characteristics. The security is therefore higher than with other known methods. Since the scan only works with active veins, fraud with "dummies", which is quite possible with fingerprints, is eliminated.
  2. Authentication is contactless and is therefore particularly suitable for use in hygienically sensitive areas or if, for example, operation is not directly possible from a technological point of view.

PalmSecure Software Development Kit for developers

Fujitsu offers a Palm Secure Software Development Kit ( SDK ) for device manufacturers and hardware and software developers, which enables them to use this biometric authentication technology for their own devices and hardware or software products. This enables you to offer your customers the highest possible level of access security for their application scenarios. The PalmSecure sensor cube included in the kit has been specially designed for integration with other IT products. This allows you to develop your own secure access solutions based on Fujitsu PalmSecure.

Two-stage authentication with PalmSecure ID Match

By combining PalmSecure with another authentication solution, your data is even more secure than with the traditional PalmSecure method.

PalmSecure ID Match provides a two-step authentication method that combines PalmSecure technology with ID cards and ID badges. Stolen or copied cards have no impact on the login process, as the verification is done by the user of the card.

IT Security Expertise, IT Solutions and IT Services

SIGMA Chemnitz is a long-standing Fujitsu service partner (SELECT EXPERT Partner Status) and your specialist for Fujitsu solutions. Also with all questions about IT security and solutions like Fujitsu PalmSecure we are happy to assist you with our know-how. Simply get in contact with us!