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IT security & infrastructures

The SIGMA IT System Audit

Put your IT to the test!

We want your IT system to function optimally and be secure. As part of our IT system audit, we take an organizational look at your IT infrastructure. Through a complete IT vulnerability analysis, you will find out what the security level of your IT system is. In doing so, we identify problem areas and security gaps and point out the need for optimization. We derive prioritized recommendations for action from the audit report and conduct a repeat audit at a later date to monitor success. We recommend an IT system analysis for companies with 10 or more employees.

What we offer

Due to our standardized tools we can offer you the IT analysis for a fixed price ( depending on the number of system users ). Included is the comprehensive interview with the IT responsible for the focal points, the evaluation by one of our qualified and trained employees as well as the subsequent presentation & delivery of the results to the responsible persons on the client side  (IT system administrator, site management, management ).

For the IT system audit we offer the following packages:


Paket 1

Paket 2

Paket 3

Anzahl an Systemnutzern

bis 39

bis 99



990,00 €

1.990,00 €

2.990,00 €

Please note that the results of the IT system audit are only a snapshot of the state of your IT infrastructure. This means that our recommendations for action are based on the status determined at the time of the vulnerability analysis.
Thanks to a standardized approach, we are able to re-evaluate the security level of your IT infrastructure at a later point in time from a consistent perspective and, in the best case, demonstrate a positive development.

Sequence of an IT System Audit process

IT risk analysis consists of four major sections:

  1. As-is analysis:
    At the beginning, we conduct an as-is analysis. We take a whole day for you to gather all relevant information on the technical and organizational status of your information security in the form of an interview.
    Once the data has been collected, you will receive an evaluation from us in the form of an audit report with a risk matrix and the score obtained.

  2. Optimization:
    Based on the collected data, we submit prioritized recommendations for action. We coordinate these with you for their subsequent implementation.

  3. Control:
    In order to check the effectiveness of the implemented measures, a survey of the new actual state is usually carried out 1 year later, which is documented by us. For the demonstrably determined measuring sequence you receive a confirmation.
    It is also possible to commission a more in-depth IT system analysis for individual sub-areas.

  4. Verification:
    Communicate the IT information security you have achieved to customers, interested parties and suppliers by means of the completed IT system audit.

Appointment for an IT System Audit

Stop groping in the dark and make an appointment for an IT system audit! Contact us by phone at +49 371 2371-115 or by email at vertrieb(at)sigma-si.de !

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