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IT security & infrastructures

Increase IT security with the help of sandboxing

A sandbox is used to detect advanced malware. Suspicious files are executed in an isolated system environment. The behavior of the programs is analyzed in a secure environment and thus files with malicious behavior can be detected.

Standard spam and virus scanners no longer offer sufficient protection. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly targeted and virus scanners can no longer respond quickly enough to new threats. This is where Sandbox solutions come into play, as they also detect complex and covert malware.


Sandboxing - how does it work?

A sandbox is a secure IT environment that operates in isolation from your normal IT infrastructure. In the sandbox different systems and operating systems are provided to simulate the real IT environment. Unknown and suspicious software and files are executed in this secure IT environment. This makes it possible to simulate the actual behavior of the examined files and possible effects of the malware on the IT system over a certain period of time. This analysis can be used to determine whether a file would harm your IT system or not. The file can then be allowed or blocked.

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