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IT security & infrastructures

Hyperconvergent IT Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Bundling hardware and software for optimal computing power

Hyperconvergent IT infrastructure describes a software-centric IT system that combines processors, memory, networking and virtualization.

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, a hyperconvergent Windows Server cluster, combines several products into one. This IT solution runs on certified hardware under Windows Server Datacenter and is completely managed via the Windows Admin Center.

Does the following description apply to your IT infrastructure?

  • a variety of hardware systems
  • a confusing manufacturer landscape
  • little to no redundancy
  • no extension possibilities
  • Performance problems
  • high costs for extensions, service extensions or replacements

Then Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is the right IT solution for you!

What do you expect from your IT infrastructure?

    • high availability with low monetary input
    • sufficient scaling possibilities without large administration effort
    • a central German-speaking support team, which takes care of all IT systems in the cluster
    • highest performance values with individual hard disk equipment

    Then you should familiarize yourself with the FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

    It is a certified and qualified IT system that includes all hardware and software to simplify the procurement and deployment of a Microsoft-based, hyperconvergent IT infrastructure. It uses high-performance, energy-efficient FUJITSU servers ( PRIMERGY x86 standard servers ) as well as the software-defined server technology and storage technology Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct from Windows Server 2019.

    The advantages of PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI:

    • achieve up to 10 times more usable storage capacity through deduplication and compression
    • you reduce the operating costs of your IT infrastructure by up to 50%.
    • you increase reliability, even with only two nodes
    • you save on external storage, SAN switches or management tools
    • you manage the entire IT system centrally via the Windows Admin Centre
    • you determine the configuration and growth rate

    Would you like additional information about the solution, are you about to expand your infrastructure, or maybe you are not convinced by the PRIMEFLEX solution at all? Please contact us!

    Lucas Hübert - Vertrieb IT-Security und Infrastruktur | Standort Chemnitz