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IT security & infrastructures

Analysis of IT vulnerability

IT security is more important in companies than ever. More and more complex data must be protected. Open, Internet-based systems increase efficiency, but are also potential ways to access sensitive data. With our IT vulnerability analysis, we support you by taking an unbiased look at your IT infrastructure and critically examining it for security gaps and weaknesses.

Thus, we contribute to the improvement of IT security and promote the protection of your IT infrastructure in general and critical company data in particular.

Our offer for IT vulnerability analysis

Together with you, we clarify the following questions in the context of an IT vulnerability analysis:

  • Is your company best possible protected against threats such as current hacker attacks?
  • Are there possibly old partnerships that still have access to the network ( e.g. via VPN )?
  • How secure is your WiFi network currently?
  • Where is your sensitive data located?

These and other questions often get lost in the operative business. As an external IT service provider we offer a neutral view of your IT network and identify weak points before they are detected and exploited by third parties.

Increase your IT security by deciding to carry out an IT vulnerability analysis!

Weakness detected?

Were vulnerabilities detected? To make your business critical data and IT infrastructure as secure as possible, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of IT security solutions - both hardware and software.

The IT System Audit

If you want to put your IT system to the test, we recommend our IT system audit.
It includes the following services:

  • Detailed interview with your IT manager
  • As-is analysis
  • Derivation and prioritisation of recommendations for action
  • Joint planning and implementation
  • Success control
  • Audit report with seal of approval

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