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SOPHOS Mobile Control

The business use of smartphones has become standard in everyday business life. This leads IT managers to the obligation of an improved IT security, because smartphones and tablets contain sensitive data such as emails, contacts, files, etc.

IT security also plays an important role when using PDA solutions * on handhelds or smartphones with Android operating systems. Often only certain apps are allowed and/or others are blocked on these mobile devices. Also the aspect of "Bring your own device" ( BYOD ), where employees use their own private smartphones for business purposes, requires a secure handling of the company's sensitive data.

SOPHOS Mobile Control is an IT security solution for all these use cases to secure mobile devices in business use.

Functionality of SOPHOS Mobile Control

Here, a central management server is installed or a cloud service is used. A special SOPHOS app is installed on all relevant end devices such as smartphones with the Android ( Samsung, Huawei, HTC etc. ), iOS ( Apple ) or Windows Phone operating systems or handhelds based on Android OS. This is used to roll out and administrate the company's own compliance rules.

Features of SOPHOS Mobile Control

  • install and uninstall via Remote Apps ( remote access )
  • force app Installation
  • blocking the use of apps
  • restriction to certain apps ( only share certain apps )
  • enforce password policies
  • prohibit interfaces ( e.g. SD or USB )
  • setting up Exchange Directory Profiles and Active Directory Profiles
  • roll out WLAN and VPN profiles
  • roll out company certificates
  • remotely reset smartphones
  • use secured containers on private emails
  • email encryption
  • and many more

SOPHOS IT Security Products

Here you can find information about SOPHOS Firewall.

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