AutoID / RFID applications for supply chain

Just-in-sequence deliveries beyond factory limits

With the help of the use of a cross-company RFID solution, the current location as well as goods bookings at the goods receipt and goods issue can be displayed and monitored transparently. This allows a complete traceability of products or batches.

In manufacturing plants, raw parts are identified with unique RFID tags and managed in the ERP system. This allows products or carriers to be identified and tracked throughout the entire production and logistics process. Corresponding statistics and quality parameters for production can thus be recorded and evaluated.

If the produced parts are delivered to a third location for final assembly, they are recorded there at an RFID-based goods receipt gate and recorded in the ERP system. The intelligent AutoID Middleware GRAIDWARE®, developed by SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH, plays an important role as a data hub. Signals and data from the RFID process are determined, checked for plausibility, faulty and extraneous signals are filtered out and the data are statistically evaluated. In this way, mis-data generated by a possible interlacing of unwanted or implausible extraneous signals can be eliminated.