Workshop set – scrum real and practical

Agile project management and dynamic reaction towards customer needs: Scrum from A to Z

Your Aim
The modern work changes constantly and your business with it. Upcoming challenges require self-organised and goal-oriented project management. Therefore, it is a necessity to focus on motivated, communicative and committed staff. You decided to take the next step and support them in their task to perform complex development activities.

Our Aim
Since 2015 our medium-sized enterprise uses methods and techniques of various agile frameworks. Centrepiece is the Scrum Framework. It accompanied our agile transformation and is the foundation for the knowledge of our workshop sets. Gladly we share the basics of agile management and dynamic organisations with you. Skilled Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owner provide consulting and support.

Content of the Workshop Set
This set focuses on all basic factors for the pragmatic application of Scrum. If you got your own examples from your working context, we fit them into the seminars and discuss the possible adaption of Scrum into your surroundings. We like to stress the importance of real-life usage for the framework and its value for a customer centric project management.

Just get on with it. That was our approach in the beginning of our very own agile transformation. For our entrepreneurial thinking and acting it still is. Take advantage of our experiences and find your access to Scrum in a small and medium-sized business environment. Tailor the upcoming changes in dynamic self-organisation to your needs.

Consulting – Agility in small and medium-sized businesses

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The Process




The Goal



Our starting point for the workshop set scrum real and practical is an initial consulting. With this step we aim to discover your basic development interests of your company. It is important to define the goals of your organisation concerning organisation and staff development.