Workshop set – agile management

Customer-oriented project management within a dynamic environment: From leading through a meeting to being a great mentor

Your Aim
Working on a project is custom for people in knowledge-based settings. Planning, organising, negotiating, and communicating are central axes of customer-oriented and agile coworking. Therefore, you are aiming for the enrichment and structure of professional and interpersonal competences in your departments and teams.

Our Aim
Using tailor fit methods and techniques from different agile frameworks helped us to build up knowledge towards the requirements of a digitally acting company in a professional context. That is why we take self-improvement of our colleagues seriously. You got the opportunity to profit from our familiarity with planning and running educational courses, for a successful approach to agile management. In our seminars you will find competent consultants, supporters, and hosts from our skilful staff.

Content of the Workshop set
The teaching contents of well-known topics from seminars for middle management were adopted to the requirements of a more flexible working context. It is very important to use to promote communicative and goal-oriented cooperation for a customer centric project execution.

We started our agile transformation in 2015. Since then, we have combined dynamic work methods and fundamental cooperation skills with great success. We are taking advantage of a steady job environment while motivating our colleagues to work on projects with the customers’ needs in mind and never letting our goals out of sight.

Support customer contact

Positioning of Company Interests

Successful Negotiations

Improve Cooperation

Leading through Meetings

Leading Teams


Project management

Quality management and Controlling


Our starting point for the workshop set Agile Management is an initial consultation. With this step we aim to discover your basic development interests. It is important to define the goals of your organisation concerning organisation and staff development.