Workshop set – dynamic organisation

Agile acting in dynamic surroundings: From Design Thinking to Scrum

Your Aim
Especially in a knowledge driven environment people have to cope with agile acting and self-organisation. For those who work in development and management, ideal working conditions are essential to perform an excellent job. You aim for a tailor-made progress and maintenance of your business processes, as well as a dynamic workspace.

Our Aim
Since 2015 our medium-sized enterprise uses methods and techniques of various agile frameworks. We gathered knowledge for a successful approach to a change in management, which we would like to share with you. Skilled Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owner provide consulting and support. For your seminars you will find competent consultants, supporters and hosts to support your staff.

Content of the Workshop set
The main target for agile methods are software development departments. But they spread to more and more different working environments and find followers and users within management and administration. Especially mobile, remote and dynamic working teams are profiteers of this efficient working culture.

Our experience shows: organisational barriers are often overly restraining. Functional structures are held up by motivated employees in a motivating environment. Now is the time to use the new impulses for rethinking of ageing processes. Build up new knowledge and get in touch with an agile approach to management for small and medium-sized businesses.

Consulting – Agility for small and medium-sized businesses

Good Practice – The Sigma-System

Costumer centricity

Product development

Business model review

Requirement analysis

Staff survey

Evaluating processes

Furthering cooperation –
support compatibility and staff

Communication training

Project controlling
You can find more information at the workshops for agile management

Extend competency –
Getting fit for delegated work

Scrum – Implement requirements

Azure DevOps
You can find more information at the workshops for practice-oriented Scrum

Our starting point for the workshop set Dynamic Organisation is an initial consultation. With this step we aim to discover your basic development interests. It is important to define the goals of your organisation concerning organisation and staff development.