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RFID-based production and logistics control of painted plastic parts

With the help of RFID, processes - in this case, for example, in the production of varnished plastic parts - can be made continuously and transparent, from production through logistics to dispatch.

Identification - recognition - control - delivery

Identification - Injection molding

Orders are selected and the quality test results are recorded. If the product is in order, a unique RFID tag is created, which makes the product traceable in the production process. If desired, the RFID transponder can be used further after the product delivery for the guarantee process.

Detection - Paintshop entry / Position detection

The position of the products on the load carrier is detected automatically. The lacquering equipment is matched with the varnishing plan. These data are used for later evaluations to ensure quality assurance.

Recognition - Polishing / Quality control

The RFID tag is used to identify the products within an automated process. Quality test results are documented. If the product is correct, it is released for further processing or marked for postprocessing.

Recognition - Begin of Line

Prior to the assembly, for example, when selecting from an intermediate storage, the product is identified at a control workstation using the RFID tag. The connection to the request call and the recording of the results of the quality check are made. If the product is correct, it is released for further processing.

Control - machine processing

At the control workstation, the product is detected automatically and unambiguously identified using the RFID tag. All processing steps are displayed. The machine program is automatically loaded via the machine interface. After processing, quality control and release are carried out for further processing.

Deliver - End of Line

At the end of the order picking, the product is automatically captured at a control workstation and unambiguously identified using the RFID tag. All processing steps are displayed. The final inspection and the recording of the results as well as the final release for delivery are carried out.

Supply - Logistics / goods issue

At the goods issue, the automated recording and booking of the products takes place in a goods carrier or in an exact JIS sequencing. Incorrect deliveries are avoided. The data can be transferred to a third-party system (ERP, WMS, etc.) and, if required, are provided via a cloud storage or secure direct data connection to the customer or to other goods control and booking systems of 3rd party users.

AutoID / RFID middleware as a process basis

Within AutoID-based processes, workflows, production steps, and AutoID data can be identified, monitored, controlled, and configured using the GRAIDWARE® middleware. In addition, the middleware derives data into higher-level business applications, Such as ERP, QS or WMS systems. Learn more about the middleware.