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Reference report: SIGMA Embedded project: Conversion of old apps with .NET GUI into an LVGL-based app

Conversion of old apps with .NET GUI into an LVGL-based app

A proven application must be migrated from a discontinued hardware with an older operating system to a modern hardware with a current operating system with an identical interface and functionality. One option is to replace Windows Forms classes in the GUI while retaining the business logic by creating or adapting existing applications in an LVGL application (Light and Versatile Embedded Graphics Library).
The connection is possible for devices under Linux, Windows or without an operating system. The whole process is hardware-independent and can be realised for a wide range of modern MCUs / SoCs (e.g. STM32, i.MX*, X86 etc.). 

Technical facts

  • Embedded operation system: as desired /  by arrangement
  • Processor:  div. MCU, ARM- or    x86-SoC

Anteil der SIGMA Chemnitz

  • adaption of the application  using LVGL
The result
„The work has been or will be implemented in such a way that the end user can continue to work seamlessly with the new system and the new application, as the interface will be adapted in line with the previous look and feel while retaining the logic.“
Download reference report
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About the client

SIGMA Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung u. Datenverarb. mbH is an IT service provider operating on the market since 1990, which can comprehensively cover all areas of the  operational software, hardware and automation landscape. All of the approximately 80 employees are highly qualified, motivated and can refer to appropriate references.
The company consists of several business units, including AutoID / RFID solutions;  embedded solutions; IT security and infrastructures; SAP SME solutions and the consulting, software and development division.

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