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Reference report Multifilm

The challenge

Following the development of the company and the increasing complexity of production, the previously used software solution was no longer able to meet the requirements for fast and efficient production. The challenge was to replace the existing in-house development. In the process, the central system had to be replaced, also the coupling with design, order preparation and production had to be improved and optimised.

The solution – SAP Business One

The core of the new software architecture is the SAP Business One solution for SMEs. This is where the central control of the company with all relevant processes takes place. For production control, a newly developed variant configurator is a major highlight, as it raises the quality of production processes to a new level. This configurator has a sophisticated logic that manages and correlates over 70 parameters for sun shading products. In this way, new developments in the design are automatically created on this basis. Many characteristics are then calculated in the background. The data flows into the business logic of SAP Business One. This creates the basis for production. Order preparation then uses an input assistant and automatic pricing logic to enter new orders more easily and quickly than before to prepare them for production. Parts lists and production papers as well as cutting data are generated and transferred to production.

That' s where the interface for optimisation software comes in. This add-on to SAP Business One generates an output file with the foil type and dimensions that is read into the external programme for foil optimisation, which is then used to calculate the best and most material-efficient cuts for laser cutting. Once the sunshade has been produced, the barcode-controlled shipping module is used to create the shipping lists. The components are scanned during packing. In this way, deliveries can also be managed in several packing units and independent packing lists can be produced for each. This simplifies the traceability of the delivery status.

The Cooperation

The implementation included SAP Business One software as well as the development and connection of the additional modules described above. It was important for the service provider SIGMA to understand the processes of the company and the flows of data and materials in the company in order to adapt the new ERP solution to the existing structures. Despite the extent of the project, a speedy implementation was achieved. Following the project start at the end of 2008, it was already possible to switch to productive operation at the beginning of 2009. "We were very pleased that we were able to work productively with the system very quickly," says MULTIFILM's IT manager, adding, " As a result, we were able to benefit more quickly from the improvements we were aiming for. And speed is ultimately what counts on the market."

The Achievement

For the company, the use of SAP Business One, the variant configurator and the other modules meant an improvement in intralogistics. In addition to the processes around production, the evaluation and the controllability of the company also improved with the core component ERP. For the management, there is a more transparent view of the figures. Furthermore, it is easier to manage customer orders and to control the flow of materials and products. By improving the processes, the company is also well positioned for future developments. This creates a competitive advantage because information can be accessed more quickly and in a more focused manner. Looking back, the move to an integrated system has been completely rewarding. "The use of SAP Business One - especially in combination with the new variant configurator - means a big step forward for our production," CEO Jörg Wolfram concludes.

The future

The company's next step will be to process all financial accounting via the SAP system and thus be able to work more effectively and with fewer resources.

This is what the costumer says...
"The use of SAP Business One - especially in combination with the new variant configurator - means a big step forward for our production."
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About the client

MULTIFILM Sonnen- und Blendschutz GmbH from Limbach-Oberfrohna is one of the leading manufacturers of sun and glare protection systems. Originally, the company entered the market with transparent, highly reflective films as sun protection curtains in the form of roller blinds. Since then, the product portfolio has continued to develop. And this is exactly what makes the company so highly successful - a feel for customer wishes and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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