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IT security & infrastructures
Lust Hybrid-Technik GmbH

Reference report LUST Hybrid: High availability and improved IT resilience

The challenge

In order to meet the high quality requirements of the market, an increase in the security and availability of the IT infrastructure was necessary. The main reasons for the renewal were the increased data volume and the outdated hardware & software. Therefore LUST Hybrid-Technik GmbH planned an IT migration of the software.

Furthermore, the construction of a new server room in the course of fire protection and the connection of an external office to the main system were goals to be achieved.

Preparation of the IT project

The high professional competence of SIGMA Systemhaus Chemnitz, known from previous projects in IT maintenance and IT support, was the reason to jointly design this IT project. Before the start of the project, an IT sizing was carried out in order to make the best possible use of the existing resources and to get an exact overview of the necessary changes.

With the help of the factors flexibility, future security and high availability, SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH presented different strategies. From these, the optimal IT concept for LUST Hybrid-Technik GmbH was jointly selected. Subsequently, target definition and plausibility check were carried out.

The implementation of the IT project

The new Fujitsu Storage DX100 S3 serves as the basis for the new IT concept. "The high performance and simple expansion options of this ETERNUS storage make my daily work easier," explains the company's IT manager.

Using Fibre Channel technology, two new VMware ESX servers (Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server RX200 S8) were connected to the storage. These two virtualization servers (Fujitsu servers) run 30 virtual machines, so that if one virtualization server fails, the other can provide the 30 machines without any problems.

As part of the backup strategy, an existing Fujitsu ETERNUS SX60 storage and the existing TX24 tape library could be used as backup storage. The appropriate backup server could also be realized from the inventory, whereby VEEAM Essential Standard was integrated as backup software.

For the secure connection of the branch office, a Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Devices) is used in the branch office and a matching Sophos SG210 in the main office. By using these solutions, IT network security is easily and affordably extended beyond the main site. The Sophos RED appliance connects the remote office to the main site. The final step in the project includes the IT migration of the domain as well as the exchange migration to the current Microsoft exchange server version.


Looking back, the company's IT manager emphasizes above all the competent consulting and implementation with the best possible utilization of the available resources. In this way, the information technology of LUST Hybrid-Technik GmbH was efficiently brought back up to date. This permanently reduces costs and forms a perfect basis for the future.

This is what our customers say...
"Above all, the increased security of our entire IT resulting from this IT project is an important foundation for our future."
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About the client

The technology service provider LUST Hybrid-Technik GmbH, founded in 1992, is a technical specialist in the field of sophisticated electronic miniature assemblies and systems in hybrid, COB and SMD technology. The Thuringian company realizes a wide variety of process tasks such as
customer-integrated development, industrialization, production and qualification for customer-specific optimized electronic or microsystem solutions.

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Lust Hybrid-Technik GmbH
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