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IT security and infrastructures
Klinikum Döbeln Dr. med. Ralf Lange Krankenhausbetriebe GmbH

Reference report Klinikum Döbeln: flexible & high available IT infrastructure implemented

Preparing for the future in good time is the strategy of forward-looking management. This is also how it is practiced in the administration of the highly modern and efficient hospital, which sees itself as a holistic service provider in the healthcare sector.

The challenge

In 2010, two developments were planned that made a realignment of the internal IT necessary. On the one hand, new buildings (emergency room and outpatient clinic) were inaugurated, which required a new IT infrastructure, and on the other hand, the introduction of a modern archive solution was planned, which would push the previous IT hardware to its limits in terms of storage space and reliability.

Structured approach

SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH was commissioned with the creation of an IT concept to determine the optimal solution and the best procedure. Within the scope of the analysis, system requirements and the dimensioning of necessary IT components were worked out. "The IT concept showed us a way of implementation and gave us the security for the project" says Thomas Pfahl, EDP employee of the hospital.

Implementation of the IT project

As a result of the IT concept, it was decided to divide the project into several sub-projects in order to ensure a coordinated approach to the IT project. The first step consisted of the delivery and virtualization of the IT systems (Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage DX80). After the successful implementation and handover of the storage virtualization, a highly available IT infrastructure was established. As a final step, a backup solution was implemented using a tape library to reliably back up important data.

The result

As a result, Döbeln Hospital was able to improve its IT infrastructure. The newly introduced and virtualized storage solutions eliminated the problem of too little storage space and cleared the way for the introduction of the planned archive solution. Fail-safety was also increased by the new IT hardware and improved IT security was achieved by the installed backup solution.

This is what our customer says...
"SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH as a regional service provider helped us to effectively plan and implement our complex IT strategy."
About the client

The origins of the hospital in Döbeln go back as far as 1881. At that time, 40 patients could be accommodated internally. Today, a modern clinic can be found at this location, which provides inpatient care for well over 7,000 patients per year and outpatient care for twice as many. The departments of surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, anesthesiology and intensive therapy, as well as two affiliated physicians in the fields of urology and gynecology and a radiology practice cover the medical needs of the city of Döbeln and its surroundings at the highest level of quality. Modern medical equipment is available to support the staff - and also the patients.

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Klinikum Döbeln Dr. med. Ralf Lange Krankenhausbetriebe GmbH
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